• Pulling The Thread

    Riffing on Chris Dixon's and Balaji's seminal post the idea maze.
  • Bring The Cupcakes

    Not Ken Norton's Bring the Donuts. A simple (but not easy!) way to consistently stand out.
  • Many seemingly complex things are actually pretty straightforward. But that doesn't mean it's easy.
  • The Juice

    One of the key requirements for greatness. You cannot be great without the juice.
  • Crypto Speed

    It turns out a 24x7 online casino is as crazy as it sounds.
  • Are You A Pirate

    My favorite Arrington post. Definitely a pirate's life for me.
  • Problem Founder Fit

    Early stage investing is not only about the people, but the match between those people and the problem space.
  • Juggling Bears

    The most interesting things live at the intersection of two or more markets.
  • A new class of people in the workforce allows a new class of tools & companies to be built.
  • Earning Stripes

    Blue chips are often too successful and breed mediocre founders. The best founders seem to come from failure.
  • Pick Hard Problems

    All startups are hard and take everything you've got. If the effort is mostly constant, then make sure to pick a problem with bigger rewards.
  • Why Now

    This is the most important question in startups. There are no new ideas, only timing ideas.
  • Make 100 Pots

    Good & done is better than perfect & in progress. High frequency revs rule everything around me.
  • Money is made from points of friction. Innovation makes those scarce resources abundant and then creates a new higher level point of friction.
  • Play Offense

    Your inbox is a todo list that everyone can add to. That's playing defense with your time. Learn to play offense.