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Crypto Speed

One of the most pronounced things about crypto is the clock speed. Things in crypto aren’t just a little bit faster than web2 — they’re 100x faster.

I find that most of my friends who are just getting into crypto really struggle with this. They're used to having a lot of time to research, think, talk to people, etc. In crypto, by the time you've done all of that you're 3 trends behind already. This is why apeing is even a thing in crypto, there's often no time to think.

It's actually quite painful to watch and I've stopped trying to bring friends into crypto for this reason. You share some alpha, they say they'll look into it, you hear nothing, and then eventually a few months later once things are pumping they'll ask you how to buy. By that point usually I've usually bought & sold a half dozen times and can no longer remember anything about the coin.

Crypto is a 24x7 online global game that is constantly running at full speed and as we continue to onboard new users, it will only get faster. Tbf it really is insane and it and can be unbelievably exhausting. I don't know anyone who has a good way to deal with this other than to force yourself to take a break every so often.

Unfortunately if you want crypto returns you have to play the game on the field. There's not really much you can do other than rewire your brain to operate on crypto speed. And while it does destroy your ability to wait for anything, the benefit is that it will break all your existing processes and force you to relearn everything which will give you a clean slate to work from.