Hey! I'm Chris Yin, thanks for stopping by. On pages like this I always wonder how in depth to go—I want enough detail so that it's useful but also crisp enough that you can actually read it. So in my attempt, I'll start with today and go backwards. I focus most of my time today as an investor of people, projects, and companies. I am currently irreparably drawn to crypto, but I still dabble in business software and the occasional consumer product. Before this I was an entrepreneur & operator.

People often ask where I invest and I always say that I play the field. I love greatness in any form and stage, so I don't see why I should restrict myself to a particular area. I started off in the early stage (pre-seeds & seeds), spent time in classic venture (Series A/B/C), and have flirted with growth (Series D+). I've been fortunate enough to see great companies & investors at all stages and it has given me an appreciation for the skills it takes to do each. And while I'd like to think I have some understanding of the game, I'm still learning everyday and the beauty of this business is that right as you think you have something figured out it all changes.

Before I began selling money, I built things. I worked primarily in business software and have helped companies as a founder going from 0 -> 1, an operator going from 1 -> 10, and an executive helping scale from 10 -> 100. I often tell folks that in my operating journey I was able to sell one company, take one public, and unfortunately drive one to zero. I guess I like to play the field here too.

On the personal side, I've been in the SF Bay Area most of my life (regrettably, although I can think of worse places to live). Today I find myself bouncing around around SF, LA, NYC, and yes, Miami. You'll find me in noodle shops, bookstores, theaters, bars, dispensaries, and I'm always up for a good party. I love meeting new people in all walks of life so please give me a shout anytime!